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People often ask me…

why they should outsource their Cold Calling activity. My first answer is: outsourcing your cold calling allows a company that specializes in appointment setting and lead generation to manage this process for you. That way, your company can focus on what they do best - closing sales and generating revenue.  My second answer is: cold calling is still the most effective method of growing business, yet still the most underutilized and misunderstood prospecting activity.  Investing in cold calling generates a pipeline of fresh opportunities, and has historically been profitable for most companies.  Ever wonder how much cold calling your competitors are doing? Chances are we probably trained them or are setting appointments for them.  We offer new clients a very LOW COST INITIAL TRIAL of our Cold Calling service.   

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It has been proven…

that companies that invest in Cold Calling services, sales training, and sales seminars achieve far greater results than those that don't. Most look at these activities as an expense they cannot afford, as opposed to an investment they cannot afford to do without.There is an expectation of a return on investment. Those that invest in activities that grow their business, have historically profited from it.

If you are the Sales Manager…

Should your sales people really be spending their time cold calling, and appointment setting, or should that function be outsourced to a company whose core business is prospecting, something they do every day at a higher level of effeciency?

Salespeople are most effective when they are in front of prospects, developing relationships and generating revenue.

Do you want your top sales people cold calling or closing deals?

Let us show you what our Cold Calling and appointment setting services can do for you.

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If you are a Small Business owner…

Using our Cold Calling services and appointment setters is the most effective solution for both new and existing businesses.  Find out what we can do for you today by taking advantage of our low cost appointment setting trial.  In addition, sales training and sales seminars are a must in those areas of weakness and are critical to survival. Statistics clearly indicate that the main reason for the high failure rate in Small Business is due mostly to poor sales. Proper sales training or outsourcing your prospecting are strong ways to cure that.  Start your INITIAL TRIAL today. 

If you are looking for...

Outsourced Cold Calling Services
Retail Event Marketing Services
Appointment Setting Services - (North American based appointment setters) 10+ years of exp 
Sales training
Sales seminars on business topics
Small Business counselling/coaching/mentoring
An instructor/teacher for your institute

you have come to the right website! Contact us and let us know how we can help you or your organization. Training and Seminars can be either one-on-one, or one to group. Ask us about group rates.

Prospecting on a regular basis is easily the best way to proactively grow your business. Lack of prospecting is easily the quickest way to kill your business.